The Half-Life of Magic
Premiered at Lifeline Theatre
Directed by Amanda Delheimer
Music by John Erickson

the Half-Life of Magic

The Half-Life of Magic is a fully staged one-hour solo piece. After a glass of pinot grigio and a desire to sit undisturbed a few minutes longer, Ganey convinces her 5-year-old daughter that fairies live in their yard. The result is a story that gets out of hand, touching on faith, religion, and coping with life when our stories are pulled right out from under us. Michelangelo, a priest, and Harry Potter make an appearance in this “sweetly introspective romp about parenting and believing in things that don’t exist.”

When Ganey took the stage with her calm, quiet confidence, the mood became something different altogether… Ganey and her sardonic soul-searching make for good company.
— Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune